Safety4Traffic -Services

Safety4Traffic provides real-time traffic safety services to make road traffic safer.
The dynamic traffic safety services are produced for local needs with local content and mapped on the road segments.
Our services can be easily integrated via a map service (Iframe) or an API.

dynamic traffic safety services:

The Road Weather service warns of sudden changes on the road surface conditions in the road area.

The Crosswind Warning service warns of strong crosswinds affecting to the vehicle.

The Elk Warning service warns of high regional elk collision risk and of elks on the road.

The Reindeer Warning service warns of a high regional reindeer collision risk and of reindeers on the road.

The Deer Warning service warns of high regional deer collision risk and of deers on the road.

The Accident Warning service warns in real-time of accidents in the road area.

The Road Work Warning service warns of the road works and road workers in the road areas.

The Other Hazard Warning service warns of other type of hazards in the road area.

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